Do you have trouble losing weight? Are you eating healthy and exercising, but staying the same weight or even more frustrating gaining weight? 

I may have the answer as to why. It could very well be in the little snacks you eat.

First of all, before I start spitting out the seemingly random and pointless number of calories within different foods I think it is important to first build an understanding of how many calories you should be eating per day.

According to Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) the recommended daily intake for an average adult is 2078 Calories (Cal). This figure is based on an average adult diet. Depending on your age, height, weight, sex and how active you are, you may require more or less. Generally speaking for weight loss you'll want to consume less.

Some weight loss meal plans suggested that women consume around 1200-1400 Cal per day and men around 1800 per day, while still exercising regularly (3-6 times per week).

This means for women, a minimum of 300 Cal per meal (three meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner - no skipping meals!) and a total of 300 Cal in snacks each day.
For men, a minimum of 450 Cal per meal (three meals per day) and a total of 450 Cal in snacks each day.

With those figures in mind take a look at the chart below. It will highlight how easy it is to undo all your hard work and until now, how easy it was to unknowingly sabotage your own success!

A full size meal -      Women: 300 Calories      Men: 450 Calories



Snack Item                                Size                        Calories

Potato Crisps                             100g                            545   

Chocolate Bar                             60g                             270   

Sausage Roll                              130g                           373   

Hawaiian Pizza                          Large                         1440   

Choc Chip Museli Bar                 31g                             129   

Jelly Beans                              18 beans                       162    

Blueberry Muffin                        150g                             447   

Magnum Classic                         89g                             256   

Dark Chocolate                          40g                              210   

Movie Popcorn                           36g                             186    

Hot Chips                                 Medium                         405   

Coke                                         600ml                           244    

Red Wine                                  150ml                           119   

Vodka Shot                                30ml                              69   

Vodka Mixer                          2 x 275mls                      274     

How Good Is Your Diet, Really?

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