Now the days are becoming shorter, and evenings are cooler. A bleak 5am is starting to look more like midnight and that bed is feeling ever so much more comfortable, winter is on its way. Before the hibernation begins I thought I might share a few reasons why I, against all odds! Love training outdoors in winter and what you will experience in the brisk early mornings of a mid-winter outdoor workout!


You will likely find yourself fumbling out of bed to flick on the light switch. This act resulting with a startling bright light which explodes in your eyes for a split second before you realise it is actually morning and you’re now undoubtedly awake. After a short drive to the park, you’ll step outside your warm heated car to the cold air which sharply ignites your senses, leaving you with numb fingers and a rosy red nose.


It doesn’t take long after the warm up though for your body to fight off the cold. The blood from your heart pulsates through your body, warming you from the core. Its warmth spreads with each new movement you make! You find a steady pace and with each new stride, lift or jump a burst of strength and speed is released through your muscles! Your lungs open up making it easier to breathe the fresh cool air in deep. As the session goes on you will even begin to sweat a little, your heart will be thumping and your body burning fat stores! That chilly 5 degrees Celsius isn’t so noticeable anymore. You can dig deeper, push harder and give it everything you’ve got!


As the session draws to an end you’ll be exhausted, warm and even surprising to yourself, smiling! The day has only just begun and already it feels like you’re on top of the world!


Perks of training in winter!

  • Studies have shown that physical performance is increased in cold conditions with athletes achieving faster times!

  • Exercise releases endorphins which can help fight off the winter blues!

  • Training outdoors will allow you to catch a few sunrays to top up on vitamin D. With shorter day light hours during these cooler months it’s even more important to make the effort.

  • Build a stronger immune system; enjoy a winter with less sniffles, snuffles and sneezes.

  • Summer will be back in December, at least based on past experiences! Don’t undo all your hard work. Your health is important all year round, and you can continue to lose weight during winter!


So, yes you could have stayed in bed where you were comfortable. Yes it was warm! And yes you could have slept another hour, but you don’t! Why? Because you want change, you want to achieve and because you would miss this feeling right now; breathless, warm and untouchable.

Do You Love Winter?

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