High Intensity Resistance Training

You can train hard, and you can train long... you just can't do both. This basic philosophy of High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT) is based on the same principles of low volume and high intensity workouts aimed at conditioning the body as one complete unit within 20 minutes.


HIRT has multiple systems of weight training patterns designed to improve muscular size, strength, and endurance without the risk of harm or injury.

If you are looking for a full body strength training system designed to stimulate muscle growth, improve cardiovascular fitness, and enhance fat loss then HIRT may be for you. It is an efficient and safe way to achieve maximum results, even when limited for time. 

The fundamental principle of HIRT is to incorporate multiple training systems of strength, endurance, power, and speed to cover the 5 potential benefits of exercise while maintaing a high level of intensity with low volume paramaters (reps/sets/load). The focus of HIRT are the following 5 benefits;

  • An increase in strength

  • Enhance mobility

  • Increase cadiovascular conditioning

  • Improvement in body composition

  • Decrease the potential for injury

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