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Fitness. Strength. Performance.

Better than boot camp, more effective than a gym membership and greater accountability than a simple mobile app. Achieve more with Fitness Mick's Personal Training. Maximise your training time and push your limits further with every session. You will find each workout is specifically designed to target your goals and is matched to your ability. So you can train hard, train smart and train safe.

Fitness Mick provides a varierty of services to match your needs:

1-on-1 Personal Training

Buddy Sessions

Small Groups

Build Strength

Do You Want To Get Stronger?

Strength training has an important role in health, weight management and sports performance. A regular strength training program will have you feeling stronger and performing better.

Boost Fitness

Do You Want To Improve Your Fitness?

Enhancing your fitness performance will improve your health physically and mentally. You'll feel better and perform more activities, like walking up stairs, easier.

Time Efficient

Are You Looking For A Program That Will Fit With Your Busy Schedule?

Don't waste time in the gym, stay focused and make every minute count. You'll be amazed at what can be achieved in a 30 minute program.

Competitive Pricing

Do you want a personal service that provides value for money?

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Fitness Mick Will Help You

Reduce Stress

Increase Confidence

Decrease Resting Heart Rate

Improve Flexibility

Reduce Body Fat

Improve Posture

Build Lean Muscle

Improve Fitness

Increase VO2 Max


Training Location

East Beaumont Park
Corner East Beaumont Road and Mount Archer Road
Park Ridge, QLD 4125

Contact Information

Fitness Mick
Outdoor Fitness Specialist

Phone: 0437 556 579
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What People Say

Inspired Workouts

"Mick gets the most out of me every session. It is hard but fun and rewarding. Highly recommended."

Jacob Formann

Experienced Trainer

"I really love training with Mick. I like the differnt types of training, boxing mostly though. Since I've been training I've been really motivated and reached my goals. I've lost 17kg, my fitness has improved dramatically, and I've switched my lazy lifestyle into a healthier, energetic one."

Calvin McGlinchey

Personalised Programs

"I always enjoy my training with Mick! Would happily recommend him to anyone, no matter what the fitness level."

Chelsea Annett

Health Through Exercise

Feel Fitter. Move Better. Train Smarter.