t's 4:59am and I'm lying in bed snug as a pug; that is for one final last minute before my alarm sounds! In just a little over 20 minutes I'll be dressed, ready and legging it out the front door, but before I do there is one thing I cannot leave without and that is breakfast!

There are 2 reasons why I place breakfast so highly in my morning routine.
 #1 Our bodies need fuel, without it we can't perform at our best physically and mentally.
 #2 A quality breakfast will stop bad cravings! Skip breakfast and you are starting your day by starving your body of energy and by morning tea time you will be looking for a fatty, sugary 'quick fix'. This in turn has a roll on effect for the rest of the day, a rollercoaster ride of one sugar high to the next. By choosing to begin the day with a healthy breakfast you'll kill the cravings and maintain a consistent release of energy throughout the morning allowing you to make better choices for snacks and lunch.

Mornings are busy and rushed, I get that! However skipping breakfast because 'you haven't got time' is a sure way to set your day up for failure. While I'm sure a lot of us would love a nice hot breakfast each morning, eggs on toast with a side of cooked tomato and mushrooms. Maybe even add a rasher of bacon and a hash brown for good measure. In fact while we're at it a bowl of fresh chopped fruit and a cup of coffee would be grand (or maybe a cup of fruit and a bowl of coffee for some mornings)... but unfortunately I haven't got time to make that and likely you don't either. So what do I do instead? Well I keep it simple, 2 slices of multigrain toast with either jam or vegemite. You don't need a chef in the house to cook that for you each morning! And unlike cereal I can take it out the door with me if I'm running a little behind time.

Now I'm aware jam is loaded with sugar, however I also know that I have a high level of activity throughout the day so it gets burnt off quickly before it has a chance to be stored as fat. If I was looking to tweak my diet I could replace the jam with a healthier option, like fresh avocado for example.

I tend to avoid cereals, not just because I find they provide a lack of convenience but also these days with the exception of Weet-Bix, cereals are practically made of sugar. Even your low fat 'healthy' options aren't so good for you. Dried fruits are also common in breakfast cereals and are extremely high in sugar too. So it's best to keep these items out of your morning routine.

Are there any options other than toast for breakfast?
Yes there are plenty! Here's a few examples:

  • Piece of fruit and yogurt (easy to take on the go)

  • Porridge (add your choice of berries or fresh fruit)

  • Weet-Bix (add chopped banana and/ or honey for the sweet tooth)

  • Meal replacement protein shake.

Stop being controlled by cravings and start your day with a healthy breakfast. It's that simple to kill bad cravings.

How To Kill Cravings

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