Meet Mick

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Outdoor Enthusiast, Husband, Friend... and if we're truly being honest, Coffee Addict too.

The Beginning

In 2010, after completing Certificate III and IV in fitness Mick set out to 'make a difference' to help others live healthy lifestyles, to become strong and fit. Encouraging those he trains to look beyond the workout and chase life's adventures.

With his positive outset and passion to learn, Mick has continued to grow and expand his knowledge with the sole purpose to better serve his clientele. Successfully providing safe and enjoyable programs that yield the best results.

Establishing an appropriate work / life balance is difficult but important. Having maintained a second job throughout his fitness career, Mick has some first hand experience in understanding this challenge. Building boundaries and ensuring workouts are both time efficient and effective is key to healthy living.

Mick's Hobbies / Weekend Adventuring

Being active and getting outdoors on the weekends is a great way to unwind from the week and relax. Also creating a great opportunity to spend quality time with his wife. Together they enjoy;

  • Mountain Biking

  • Kayaking

  • Mountain Climbing

  • Camping

  • Bush Walking

  • Indoor Rock Climbing


"Movement is life. Move better, LIFE better."

Qualifications Post Cert III & IV

Precision Nutrition Coach

Certified January 2017

HIRT Strength Trainer

Certified April 2016

Advanced Programing

Power & Plyometric Training

Certified January 2014

Boxing for Fitness Trainer

Certified December 2012

Bootcamp Instructor

Certified September 2011

Brisbane Boot Camp Instructor
Fit For Life's Adventures

The Rise Personal Training Park Ridge, QLD 4125