You set yourself the goal to lose weight; you’ve been training hard, eating well and are seeing some great results. You are feeling healthier and your confidence is growing. Then the unthinkable happens, you’re playing sports or maybe going for a light walk, when suddenly you trip and fall, landing hard on the ground and hurt yourself! Twisted your ankle or maybe strained your wrist? Contrary to popular belief, all hopes now of success are not dashed. There is a way you can continue training and moving forwards towards your goals.

The first thing to do is to stop yourself from going straight for the comfort food. Things aren’t that bad and on the off chance they are, comfort food is only going to make things worse.

There’s two ways you can look at any situation and an injury is no different. First option is you can pity yourself, nobody wins. The second option is to look at it as an opportunity to change up your training program. A bit of variation is always good!

The most common injuries from a fall are shoulders and wrist for the upper body and knees and ankles in the lower body. Below are some opportunities you can take advantage of in these circumstances.

Weight Loss Exercises When You’re Injured
Please Note: you should always consult a physiotherapist before commencing a program. 

Every injury is different and needs to be assessed separately. Here are some suggestions only on possible alternative exercises.

Shoulder or Wrist Injuries
Walking, running, spin classes or circuits. There are a multitude of exercises that utilise the legs and allow you to train without aggravating or causing further damage to a shoulder or wrist injury.

Knee or Ankle Injuries
Boxing, battle ropes, or swimming. If you’re stumped on ideas for creating a training program around your injury then contact your personal trainer, Mike for assistance.

Regardless of what the injury is and the form of exercise you choose there should be no pain in and around the injury and the exercises should only move within the joints pain free range of motion.

The number one rule to losing weight when injured is to never give up!

Overcoming Injury Setbacks

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