Personal Training

Feel Fitter. Move Better. Train Smarter.

Achieve more with 1-on-1 Personal Training. Maximise your training time and push your limits further with every session. Each workout is targeted and specific towards your goals. Stop playing the guessing game and see the expert. With private 1-on-1 sessions it's just you and fitness Mick, your personal trainer! No distractions and no hold ups. Stay on task, stay focused and be confident that every exercise performed is targeted to reach your goals and enhance your performance. 1-on-1 Personal Training, here to help you get stronger, faster, and healthier.

With the added option of mobile training, fitness Mick can come to you for the convenience and comfort of training in your own home.

Real Results With Fitness Mick!

Expect to get your heart pumping and fat burning in each of your personal training sessions! Let fitness Mick and his wealth of experience and knowledge guide you through your individual program. You will fall in love with the variety of workouts and exercises one-on-one and mobile personal training offers!


Improve Weight Loss through Cardio Training

Increase Your Strength and Muscle Endurance with Resistance Training

Burn Fat through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Reduce Stress with Boxing for Fitness

Lower Your Blood Pressure with Circuit Training

Improve Your Flexibility, Stretch and Relax at the end of Each Session

Boost Your Energy Levels for a More Active Life!

Get HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training) Strength and Weight Lifting Learn More

"On my journey of recovery from panic/ anxiety disorder and Chronic Fatigue, I have enlisted Mick's assistance. Having shopped around and tried many personal trainers, Mick truly stands out, not just with his knowledge, but with how much he cares about you. He is able to work with where I am at, he is patient, kind and supportive. After 10 sessions with him, my energy has improved and more importantly, my confidence."

- Veronica Mander

More Value With Fitness Mick!

Receive more than just a workout. We know that to achieve your goals you need a plan with ongoing support and accountability. 


Progress Tracking for Accountability

Exercise Programming Designed Specifically For You

Body Measurements and Fitness Testing (on request)

Nutrition Coaching for better results

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