The following steps are methods I personally use to manage my back pain and remain active and fit. 

Step #1 Visit a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist; regularly see a specialist you can trust. These people know what they're talking about and will ensure you receive the right care, as there is more than one cause to back pain. Your Chiropractor or Physiotherapist will help increase mobility and return your spine to a neutral position. 

Step #2 Stretch - specifically quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexes, and glutes. Yes, these are the muscles that form the upper half of your legs and butt! I know you might be wondering what that has to with your back, but think of your body similar to a slinky. Your legs attach to your hips and hips to your spine. If one gets pulled out of place the rest will follow. Remember, reducing back pain is about increasing mobility, so improve the flexibility in your legs and it will reduce the tension being placed on your spine. Set aside 5-10 minutes once a day to stretch out these muscles and you're onto a good start! 2 or 3 times a day, even better! 

Step #3 Foam Roller and trigger point ball, these are great for locating and releasing tight muscles. Like a deep tissue massage, they will allow you to pin point tense muscles and apply adequate pressure to release the tension. You may find some weeks you require the use of the foam roller and trigger point ball more than others. 

Step #4 Strength training, not to become a buff meathead but rather training with the specific intention to correct muscle imbalances and improve posture. With the use of resistance bands and traditional weights you can strengthen muscles to help your spine maintain a neutral position. Full body workouts with functional strength exercises are the key. 

Step #5 Core Strength - The purpose of your abs is to provide support and protection for your spine. Your core needs to stay strong and switched on, it must constantly be engaged! Everyone has a six pack, it's just some are a little more shy then others. The point of these 2 core exercises 'Prone Hold' and 'Side Plank' is NOT to give you a flat stomach but a strong one. Also, these 2 exercises allow you to maintain a straight and neutral spine while you learn to engage and strengthen your core. It's important to note that ab exercises don't reveal your six pack, in fact you're likely to burn more fat from the strength training mentioned in Step #4 then you will by doing all of the ab exercises you can think up put together. 

Step #6 Use heat packs to soothe and relax tight muscles. Both physical and mental stress can cause muscles to become tight and restricted, reducing movement and causing pain often through the neck, shoulders and back. Applying a heat pack to these areas will help loosen up those muscles and relieve pain. 

With back pain behind you, you'll be jumping with joy!

Put Back Pain Behind You

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