The 6 Steps To Goal Setting!

It may not exactly feel like it now as we've had a fairly tame May, but winter is pretty much upon us. Only 10 more sleeps to go! For some of us we can't wait for the cold winter season to begin, but for others, those of us who are already rugged up tight sipping on a warm cup of hot chocolate and wondering what I meant by 'tame May' are likely dreading the next few months to come. 


Over the next little while as the temperature drops and daylight dims with darker mornings and early sunsets, it becomes a lot harder to maintain a steady workout routine, if any at all. Sleeping-in not only becomes more appealing but almost as if the choice has been taken from us and we are now destined to spend the day in bed. That is until that final moment when hitting the snooze button no longer becomes an option, as there unfortunately is work to be done!


If there is only one thing to keep you on track and sticking with your exercise routine through the cold winter months, or even to begin one, it is that you must have a clear and solid set of goals. For your goals to really take hold and be the driving force to your success they must follow just a few simple guidelines.


#1 Your goal must be specific. Know exactly what it is you wish to achieve and when exactly you want to achieve it by.


#2 Be realistic in your goal setting. By all means dream big, but set goals that you can achieve. By setting and achieving mini goals you will build momentum towards the big ones.


#3 Write it down. Some people have a diary where they write down their goal every day, while others write it on the wall, stick it to the fridge or have it on their desktop. Either way, it needs to be read every day and at the forefront of your mind.


#4 Know your why. Understand why it is important to you that you reach this goal. The why behind your goal is a powerful drive!


#5 Have a clear action plan. Know what it is you need to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Seek advice where you need to and stick with the plan! 


#6 Accountability! Don't go it alone, get people around you who can support, encourage and if need be, give you a gentle kick up the butt.


Finally winter is not an excuse to be lax in your exercise. You have a goal and there is work to be done!

Set Goals For Success

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