8 Week Fitness Program

The Home Fitness Program For Champions!

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Ultimate Full Body 30min Muscles Workout


Top 3 Strength Exercises 

These exercises performed once a week with correct form and technique will get results for bigger, stronger muscles. The key is to perform few reps at maximum weight.


For each exercise perform 3 sets, scaling up the intensity.

First set is a warm up, 6 reps. Intensity: 5/10 (comfortable easy weight)

Second set, 4 reps. Intensity: 8/10 (comfortable weight but requires some good effort)

Final set, 2 reps. Intensity: 10/10 (tough, a 3rd rep would not be possible). 


Pick of the bunch:

Deadlifts - Legs

Weighted Chin Ups (alternatively Lat Pull Down) - Biceps and Back

Bench Press - Chest and Triceps


Stretch out and grab some protein.


The next couple of days you will feel your muscles growing, in other words DOMS. It will hurt. 



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