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Weight Loss! In 3 Steps


When it comes to losing weight and burning off excess fat there are often many misconceptions and contradictions floating around on the internet. This can cause a lot of confusion when it comes to knowing where to start and what you need to do to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. Anyone who has lost weight and successfully kept it off will be able to tell you there are no quick fixes, weight loss has always and will always require huge amounts of commitment, perseverance, will power and good old fashioned hard work! Before you jump straight into some new 'Flab to Fab' fitness program that you've just discovered on the web, raising high hopes that it will get you on the right track, take a look below at these 3 steps to weight loss that you can start doing right now at home. Listed in order of priority. 


#1 Diet is priority number one! Don't be fooled by fad diets but rather begin crafting a new lifestyle that is built on healthy choices for meals and snacks. Create for yourself a new eating plan that will set you in the right direction.
T here are 2 ways about it; you can start with a complete overhaul in one day. Bin everything in the pantry and fridge to start over fresh. Completely cut out takeaway, sugar, soft drinks, lollies, chocolate, juice, coffee, carbs, butter and so on. Or, for a greater chance of creating an ongoing healthy meal plan you can stick to for years to come you can take it one step at a time. Start by choosing 1-3 different things you can change this week, for example:
- Drink more water
- Include a side of vegetables with dinner each night
- Bring a piece of fruit with you to work each day
- Replace coffee with tea or a glass of water
Then in a week or two review what you did and how well you stuck with it. Write down some notes and include how it is affecting your sleep, energy level and mood. Then choose another 1-3 changes you can add. Continue reviewing and updating your notes every 1-2 weeks and adding 1-3 new diet goals each time.
If you need help with some free suggestions on changes you can make to your diet contact Mike for assistance 0437 556 579 or mike@fitnessmick.com.au


#2 The second step is to introduce cardio exercise into your weekly routine. The goal is 3-6 days per week, exercising for 30-60min at a time. The more frequent you can train, the more excess fat you'll burn off. Frequency is more important than duration of the workout, if you only have 30min to workout then go for it and make the session count! For beginners with no current exercise routine you can start with walking. Block out the time each week, commit to it and go for a stroll. Increasing the intensity of you workouts (jogging or running) will speed up your results. Remember exercise will only take you so far, diet is still the key to either making or breaking your goals so continue to keep working on step #1.
If you struggle with maintaining an exercise routine or would like more variations to your workouts a nd assistance with each session, contact Mike for more information on the different exercise programs we offer 0437 556 579 or


#3 The third step to implement into your routine is a pure strength workout 1 x 30-60min session per week. A full body strength workout including the following exercises will not only burn calories during the session itself but also continue burn ing calories post workout while you rest and sleep over the next 24-48 hours, will boost your metabolism and also increase the amount of calories you can burn during your cardio workouts in step #2. The 3 main strength exercises to include:
- Bench press, to strengthen chest and arms.
- Bent Over Rows, for arms and back.
- Weighted squats, for legs and butt!

While implementing steps #2 and #3 to your weekly routine remember to include one rest day to allow your body time to recover.


Even though diet is priority number one and the ideal place to start, beginning at step #2 or #3 is better than doing nothing at all. A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing!

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