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The 7 Biggest Fitness Myths They Got Wrong


#1 Sit Ups, Crunches and Other Ab Exercises Will Give You a Flat Stomach. False!
The only way to drop the fat and get a flat stomach is to ensure the calories that you eat don't exceed that which you burn. While sit ups and crunches utilise your abdominal muscles they don't expend a lot of energy. Exercises that engage your glutes and upper torso will be far more beneficial then ab exercises.


#2 Men and Women Need to Train Differently. False!
Men should do weight training and so should women. Women need to do cardio training and so do men. The results may differ but the health benefits are the same; weight training increases strength, increases bone density, improves flexibility and improves joint stability, to name a few. These benefits are the same regardless of gender. Cardio training increases stroke volume and lung capacity, decreases resting heart rate, and lowers blood pressure. These are important health benefits regardless if you're male or female and the exercises to attain them are the same!


#3 You Can't Lift Weights because it Will Make You Bulky. False!
There is a difference between increasing muscle size (bulk) and increasing muscle strength. While weight training is the stimulant for achieving either result it is not the determining factor. Programing, diet, hormones and genetics will determine whether you bulk up or not. For example, cardio training stumps muscle growth which is why body builders don't run.


#4 High Reps and Low Weights are Good for Toning. False!
Essentially toning is having strong firm muscles with a low body fat percentage. The best way to achieve this is by training for strength, regular cardio exercise and eating a healthy diet that's low in saturated fats, salt, and sugars.


#5 A Long 60-90min Slow Run Will Burn More Calories Than a Quick 30min HIIT (high intensity interval training) Session. False!
Exercise is less about the length of time spent training and more about how you use it. There is no denying a 60-90min run will do you wonders but unless you are specifically training for an endurance event there is a better way to burn as many calories or likely even more and in less time. HIIT involves short burst of intense exercise followed by a rest or a lower intensity exercise or pace, continually changing between the 2 during the course of the workout. An example would be a 30 second sprint followed by 30 seconds of jogging then immediately back into a 30 second sprint. This method of training has proven to increase athletes overall speed and cardiovascular function quicker then traditional training methods. 


#6 If the Number on the Scales isn't Dropping then Your Program isn't Working. False!
Bathroom scales can be very deceiving; they do not paint an accurate picture of the changes happening inside your body when you are on a weight loss journey. Time of day, time of month, hydration, as well as total bone and muscle percentage all play a part when it comes to changing the number on that scale. It is not fat alone that moves the scales up or down so to use it as a guide to track whether a program is working or not is a big mistake. Recording monthly measurements of the circumference around your hips, waist and chest is a far better and much more reliable method to tracking progress for weight loss.


#7 Fat Turns Into Muscle. False!
Muscle is one tissue, fat is another; they are completely different. When you build muscle you are increasing the number of muscle fibres within it. The fat around the muscle stays there or it is converted to energy and burnt off. Fat does not get transformed into muscle.


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