8 Week Fitness Program

The Home Fitness Program For Champions!

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Against All Odds

Time: Warm Up: 3 min.  Workout: 20 min.  Cool Down: 5 min.

Equipment List: Floor Mat, Resistance Band


Warm Up
Be sure to warm up before starting any workout.
 e.g. Short jog, skipping, etc. (light exertion - building in intensity)


Begin each round with a 4 minute Timer. Perform the allocated reps for each exercise in the round. Repeat as many times as possible within 4 minutes. Rest for 30-60 seconds between rounds.


Round 1:    

21 x Standing Row

15 x Reverse Crunches

9 x Sprawls


Round 2:

21 x Chest Press

15 x Jump Squats

9 x Slow Mountain Climber


Round 3:                       

21 x Biceps Curl

15 x Bicycles

9 x Push Ups


Round 4:

21 x Star Jumps

15 x Side Crunches

9 x Upright Row


Cool Down
Full body stretch out.


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