8 Week Fitness Program

The Home Fitness Program For Champions!

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Time Drop Sprint

Time: Warm Up: 3 min.  Workout: 20 min.  Cool Down: 5 min.

Equipment List: Floor Mat, Resistance Band, 1x Marker Cone


Warm Up
Be sure to warm up before starting any workout.
 e.g. Short jog, skipping, etc. (light exertion - building in intensity)


Set Up - Place the marker cone 10-20m away from your workout station, clear of any obstacles as this will become your shuttle run for quick sprints.


Perform the exercise in the round for 45s, complete 1x shuttle run/ sprint and return to perform the exercise again for 30s. Complete 1x shuttle run/ sprint and again return to perform the exercise for 20s followed by 1x shuttle run/ sprint. Increase speed and intensity of the exercise with each time drop. Move onto the following round and repeat.

Round 1: Star Jumps

 Example: 45s Star Jumps, Sprint. 30s Star Jumps, Sprint. 20s Star Jumps, Sprint.

Round 2: Push Ups

Round 3: Lunges


Round 4: Standing Row

Round 5: Reverse Crunches

Round 6: Mountain Climbers (fast)


Round 7: Squats

Round 8: Mini Shuttle

Round 9: Prone Hold


Cool Down
Full body stretch out.


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