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Better than boot camp, more effective than a gym membership and greater accountability than online training. Squad 33 is personal group training, with an emphasis on personal

Squad 33

Reduce Stress

Increase Confidence

Decrease Resting Heart Rate

Improve Flexibility

Reduce Body Fat

Improve Posture

Build Lean Muscle

Improve Fitness

Increase VO2 Max

Increase Strength

Want To Get Stronger?

Boost Fitness

Want To Improve Your Fitness?

Time Efficient 

Looking For Short, Intense and Focused Sessions?


Want Personal Training at a fraction of the cost?

Providing the right program for your goals will boost performance, enhance your results, reduce the risk of injury and increase your confidence. Followed with regular, consistent training, along with hard work and dedication will lead to your success and achieving your goals.

Being part of a supportive team will increase accountability, provide fun workouts and challenge you to train harder. Small group sizes ensures you receive the attention and guidance you need to stay safe and keep up the intensity of the workout.

Register for Squad 33 today to get the most out of every workout.

Small Group Size, 2-4 people

Personalised Program

Experienced Trainer

Brisbane Boot Camp Instructor
Fit For Life's Adventures

The Rise Personal Training Park Ridge, QLD