"Since starting with Mick over a year ago, I have become much more fit, both how I feel and how I look. I am very happy with Mick as a personal  trainer, he is very supportive and encourages you along your journey to fitness." 

Christina Sinnemann

"Mick gets the most out of me every session. It is hard but fun and rewarding. Highly recommended." 

Jacob Formann

"Mick has been efficient, informative and on time for all of our sessions. The sessions have been fun and we have had a great variety of session types and exercises."

Michelle Formann

"I was never a big fan of exercise, I loathed gyms and felt ‘under attack’ by the few personal trainers I had tried in the past. Since starting one-on-one sessions with Mick I’ve discovered exercise can not only be rewarding but fun! Now I’m hooked." 

Jess Phelan

"I have trained with Mick for about three months and have seen great results during his sessions. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for a good personal trainer to get fit. I know the value of fitness as I prepare for my first ring fight." 

Aaron Bazzica

"I originally started to attend training in order to enhance my already maintained fitness regime. The sessions have assisted me in a fresh thinking approach to exercise and have lifted my fitness ability and capacity. Mick takes each workout to the next level in terms of driving fitness achievement whilst maintaining a 1:1 approach to individual fitness levels." 

Meredith Grant











About Fitness Mick

Established in 2010, with the desire to improve the health and lifestyles of people just like you. Fitness Mick is dedicated to providing quality, fun personal training with a large variety of workouts to challenge you, motivate you and get you great results! Helping you achieve better health and improved fitness. All, so that you can live life! Adventure and explore it in full.


"I've been training with Mick for a while now. I can stick with it because of the variety that we do in the sessions; Mick constantly keeps me motivated to continue; he still manages to provide personal training in a group session. It's always a fun workout with a lovely group of people." 

Nina Laukkanen

"I really love training with Mick. I like the different types of training, boxing mostly though. Since I've been training I've been really motivated and reached my goals. I've lost 17kg, my fitness has improved dramatically, and I've switched my lazy lifestyle into a healthier, energetic one." 

Calvin McGlinchey

"I thought I may not be able to keep up with the class and I might lose interest, but everyone can work at their own speed and the variety in all areas is brilliant. Makes me want to return each day as it’s something different every day."

Una Lyons

"On my journey of recovery from panic/ anxiety disorder and Chronic Fatigue, I have enlisted Mick's assistance. Having shopped around and tried many personal trainers, Mick truly stands out, not just with his knowledge, but with how much he cares about you. He is able to work with where I am at, he is patient, kind and supportive. After 10 sessions with him, my energy has improved and more importantly, my confidence."

Veronica Mander

"Having not trained for 2 months I was looking for a Personal Trainer that could offer me convenience of times & fast results. Having put a number of requests out to trainers in my area, Mick was first to answer the call and felt eager to serve my requests." 

Anna Hannagan


"I always enjoy my training with Mick! Would happily recommend him to anyone, no matter what the fitness level." 

Chelsea Annett


"I have been doing this training for almost a year and love it. I am much stronger and fitter than I have been in a long time. I really enjoy the sessions. It challenges me and kick starts my days, I find I have more energy when I train in the morning. Keep up the great work Mick!! :) "

Erin Carey


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